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A Glow-In-The-Dark Nissan JUKE Makes an Appearance in Australia

The Nissan JUKE just got even better - glow-in-the-dark Nissan JUKE!

The Nissan JUKE just got even better – glow-in-the-dark Nissan JUKE!

A special version of the Nissan JUKE recently made an appearance in Melbourne, Australia much to the excitement of several local artists. In fact, this JUKE was glow-in-the-dark. You heard right. Nissan recently developed two models wrapped in a special skin, a distinct look that served as a canvas for a range of street artists.

According to Nissan, the glow-in-the-dark Nissan JUKE caused quite a stir at the White Night celebrations, a festival in Melbourne dedicated to local street artists. The JUKE models served as a canvas for artists to add black paint to, demonstrating their impressive talent. Onlookers could join in or simply watch, creating a unique collaborative atmosphere.

“Our initial impression when we saw the JUKE was it had snake-like characteristics,” said Josh Meyer and Josh Brown, local artists. “The grill, headlights and long smooth lines resonated immediately with us. We decided to create a series of snakes that traced the shapes and features of the JUKE. We utilized negative space, so that the snakes were glowing, and everything else would be blacked out.”

The two cars were turned into separate designs, “Snake Wrap” by Meyer and Brown, as well as “Journey to the West” by Chris Le. These distinct designs were on display throughout the festival, and they may just make a tour later in the year. Nissan has supported the Melbourne festival since 2013, and plans on continuing its unique sponsorship.

Say Goodbye to Winter: Spring Car Cleaning Tips

With these tips get your spring car cleaning done right!

With these tips get your spring car cleaning done right!

Warm weather is right around the corner, and it has even appeared in some places around the country. That means it is time for spring car cleaning, the one time of year for driver’s to detail their cars from bumper to bumper. Although it is better to clean your car as often as possible, doing a detailed job once a year can increase resale value and make driving more enjoyable.

The first thing to do, according to Fox News, is to clean the underbody. Salt, dirt, and even sand accrue in the winter, leading to corrosion if you are not quick to remove it. If your local car wash doesn’t have an underbody option, simply hose off the bottom of your car, lifting it off the ground as much as possible. Do not use soap – simply spray it clean.

Get the hard to reach places. Make sure to scrub the bottoms and edges of the doors, under door handles, and clean window channels. When you are finished cleaning your car, give it a wax and apply silicone spray where necessary to add an extra protective layer.

Always replace wiper blades in the spring. Winter does serious damage to your wipers, making it essential to get new ones. Also, take this time to top off your washer fluid, and consider applying RainX or any other rain-resistant formula.

Finally, top off fluids and check tires. Ok, this isn’t exactly cleaning, but it is standard vehicle maintenance. Make sure you are not running low on oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic brake fluid, coolant, or power steering fluid. (Low brake fluid may mean it is time for new brake pads.) Make sure there are no uneven wear patterns or bulges on your tires, and check the pressure.