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Nissan Provides 200 EVs for the COP21 Conference in Paris

Learn more about the 200 EVs provided for the COP21 conference in Paris.

The Nissan EVs provided for the COP21 Conference necessitated the installation of 90 EV charge spots throughout Paris.

Leaders, negotiators, delegates, and media from around the world are gathered in Paris to discuss what we can all do to help combat climate change. This gathering is known as CPO21. To show what the automotive industry can do to help, the Renault-Nissan Alliance provided 200 EVs for the CPO21 conference.

This is the largest group of electric vehicles ever assembled for this type of conference. And, a group of 200 Renault-Nissan Alliance employees volunteered to drive these EVs to act as shuttles for conference attendees.

However, what good are electric cars if you don’t have someplace to charge them? That is why Nissan also installed 90 new EV charge spots around Paris in preparation for the conference.

“COP21 is a call to action to reduce the impact of climate change – including global warming resulting from personal transportation,” said Renault-Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn, in a statement. “Electric vehicles are the only existing, practical and affordable transportation solution to our planet’s environmental challenges, and they are available today. Expanding the EV infrastructure is mandatory for any city or state that’s serious about environmental stewardship.”

Here at Lancaster Nissan, we are proud to be a part of a global company that is working hard to make our future brighter. And, if you’re interested in making the switch to electric, come check out the Nissan LEAF, available now.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Here are some things you can be doing to begin preparing your car for winter.

Make sure you’re preparing your car for winter before it’s too late!

December is here, which means treacherous winter weather could arrive at any time. If you routinely find yourself sliding off the road or getting stuck in the snow, here are a few steps you can take on preparing your car for winter.

  • Switch tires. Switch out your summer or all-weather tires for snow tires. These tires are specifically designed to cut through the snow to give you more traction on the road. If you do this, make sure you switch out all four of your tires.
  • Check the lights. Make sure all your interior and exterior lights are working properly. This will not only help you see better as the days get shorter, but it will help other drivers see you, too. Replace any burnt out bulbs.
  • Emergency kit. Keep a stash of winter weather necessities in your car. Things like a blanket, an old cell phone, high energy snacks, an empty cup (to melt snow for drinking), flares, etc.
  • De-icer. If you’ve ever tried to open your car door in the winter only to find it frozen shut, de-icer will save the day. However, don’t keep this in your car, put it in your purse, in your desk at work, and at home.
  • Tune up. Bring your car in for a winter tune up and we’ll make sure all your car is winter-ready.

Schedule a service appointment with us today at Lancaster Nissan for a winter checkup.