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Nissan on the Way to Autonomous Cars, Other Automakers Join the Game

Nissan is continuing its quest to offer autonomous cars by 2020, an announcement that the automaker made back in 2013, and it appears as if it has inspired some other auto companies to do the same.

Honda and Toyota also announced their intention to have autonomous cars ready by 2020, but it’s fairly clear that Nissan is currently winning the race. In fact, Nissan was recently able to show off a fully autonomous vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show: the IDS Concept.

And while the IDS model is merely a concept, it’s safe to say that Nissan will be rolling out more autonomous features over the coming years, with new vehicles getting advanced, top-notch amenities.

In the meantime, we’ll simply have to wait, though we’d have to guess that with Honda and Toyota also in the mix, the race to autonomous vehicles will only continue to heat up.

Leave it to Nissan to raise the bar for the rest of the industry! What do you think? Are you looking forward to the future of autonomous vehicles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Incredible Origami Nissan Juke Created to Honor 5th Anniversary

Origami Nissan Juke graphic

This may come as a surprise, but the powerful, fuel-efficient Nissan Juke subcompact crossover recently passed its five-year anniversary, and one artist wanted to celebrate the occasion in style – origami-style.

Owen Gildersleeve created an all-paper Nissan Juke model out of 2,000 pieces of paper, in an effort that took more than 200 hours to complete, as well as a little help from Nissan, of course.

Footage of the impressive Origami Nissan Juke can be viewed on YouTube, thanks to NissanUK’s official channel. The creation is mostly yellow, inspired by the Juke’s Solar Yellow paint option, we have to assume.

Gildersleeve said in regards to the Origami Juke that the many pieces of paper represent all of the hardworking people who have worked together over the years to put together the Nissan Juke, ultimately resulting the stellar vehicle.

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