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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids - Lancaster, PA

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and if you have kids or spend a lot of time with them, this is the perfect holiday for fun, family-friendly crafts! Check out some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day Crafts your kids will love, or find more at Woman’s Day.

Rainbow Paper Plate

Since St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns go hand in hand, there are lots of fun leprechaun-themed crafts to have your kids do. One is a rainbow paper plate craft, where you glue cotton and strips of colored paper to a paper plate to look like a rainbow. This one is great for younger tots!

Shamrock T-Shirt

If your munchkins are a little older, they’ll enjoy a shamrock stamped t-shirt, where you cut a shamrock shape and tape it to the front of the shirt, then use an eraser to stamp fabric paint around it. You can also make St. Patrick’s Day garlands to hang up around the house with sparkly shamrocks.

Homemade Play Dough

Some of the cool craft ideas include projects you can make for your kids to play with even after the holiday is over. For example, St. Patrick’s Day play dough uses a regular play dough recipe plus green food coloring and sparkles. Or, if they prefer candy, decorate a pot of gold and fill it with candies covered with gold foil like chocolate coins.

For more ideas or to shop for your next Nissan, visit us at Lancaster Nissan!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day cardsStorebought Valentine’s Day cards can be cute, but feel impersonal. Go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day by making a card for your crush all by yourself!

Host a Card-Making Party

This isn’t so much an idea for a card so much as a call for you to unleash your own creativity. Host a card-making party and have your guests bring their own decorations and supplies to add to the mix.

Your Biggest Fan

Make a cute V-Day card into a fun pun with this fan-shaped card that tells the object of your affections that they have a #1 fan.

Playdough Hearts

Do you like making things with your hands, or do you have kids that like to play with playdough? Use playdough to make these DIY Valentine’s cards with some extra flair.

Turtle Valentines

Does your loved one “bring you out of your shell”? The best way to tell them is with this silly turtle-shaped Valentine’s Day card!

Embellish Printed Valentines

There are lots of Valentine’s Day cards that you can print off the Internet, but you can add a personal touch to them by decorating with gems and ribbons.


So what are you waiting for? Surprise your significant other with these ideas for fun, unique Valentine’s Day cards.

Top 5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts tend to fall in one of the following categories – chocolates, flowers, or jewelry. However, if you want to give the object of your affection a more personal touch, these DIY ideas might be a better option.

Make Your Own Bath Bombs


Did you know that you can make your own homemade bath bombs? Treat your significant other with these heart-shaped jasmine-and-sandalwood wonders.

Custom Glass

Practical gifts are the best, and you and your love can remember Valentine’s Day every time you drink together with this customized name glass.

Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

Here’s an easy one: if you have a way with words, write a long love note, then clip the pages together with these bent heart-shaped clips .

Personalized Candle

Ever carved your initials into a tree trunk? What about a candle? Try out this homemade candle tutorial that’s sure to impress your sweetheart.

Date Night Jar

If you and your significant other prefer experiences over presents, coming up with free or cheap date ideas and picking at random out of a jar can be a great option!


Try one of these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to impress the target of all your admirations with all the hard work you put into their present.

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Warmer weather is finally rolling in across the country which means it’s time to start spring cleaning. From the windows to the cabinets, there’s a lot to do and most people don’t have a lot of time to clean. We here at Lancaster Nissan have a few tips for spring cleaning that will help you get a great start to a wonderful season!

  • Windows – While you may want to start with something easy on a sunny day, the windows aren’t the place. Warm sunlight can dry window cleanser before you have the chance to wipe it away, dirt and grime in tow. Dry window cleaner tends to leave ugly streaks that can put a damper on anyone’s drive for spring cleaning. Wait for a cloudy day to tackle the windows.
  • Doormats – There are few places that see more dirty shoes than doormats. If you haven’t already, adding a doormat immediately inside the house can catch any lingering dirt that didn’t come off on the outdoor mat. Make sure to shake and wash the mats thoroughly!
  • Brooms – A broom is generally thought of a tool used to clean, not something that needs cleaning. Even so, a broom still needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Use warm water or a vacuum to get rid of any dirt embedded in the bristles.

Schedule Your Test Drive

Schedule your test drive online.

Schedule your test drive online.

There is so much that you can do from the ease of your home. You can order food and have it delivered directly to your door. You can do all of your Christmas shopping from your couch, and never have to face the crowds at the mall.

You can also schedule your test drive. We all live very busy lives, and anything that we can make easier for you, we will! This includes our schedule test drive button. Click, schedule, and show up.

It is as easy as one-two-three. So what are you waiting for! Click on the button today, schedule your appointment for when works best for you, and show up for your test drive.

We are very excited to see you soon and we invite you to join the family of Lancaster Nissan of Lancaster, PA.

Say Goodbye to Winter: Spring Car Cleaning Tips

With these tips get your spring car cleaning done right!

With these tips get your spring car cleaning done right!

Warm weather is right around the corner, and it has even appeared in some places around the country. That means it is time for spring car cleaning, the one time of year for driver’s to detail their cars from bumper to bumper. Although it is better to clean your car as often as possible, doing a detailed job once a year can increase resale value and make driving more enjoyable.

The first thing to do, according to Fox News, is to clean the underbody. Salt, dirt, and even sand accrue in the winter, leading to corrosion if you are not quick to remove it. If your local car wash doesn’t have an underbody option, simply hose off the bottom of your car, lifting it off the ground as much as possible. Do not use soap – simply spray it clean.

Get the hard to reach places. Make sure to scrub the bottoms and edges of the doors, under door handles, and clean window channels. When you are finished cleaning your car, give it a wax and apply silicone spray where necessary to add an extra protective layer.

Always replace wiper blades in the spring. Winter does serious damage to your wipers, making it essential to get new ones. Also, take this time to top off your washer fluid, and consider applying RainX or any other rain-resistant formula.

Finally, top off fluids and check tires. Ok, this isn’t exactly cleaning, but it is standard vehicle maintenance. Make sure you are not running low on oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic brake fluid, coolant, or power steering fluid. (Low brake fluid may mean it is time for new brake pads.) Make sure there are no uneven wear patterns or bulges on your tires, and check the pressure.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Here are some things you can be doing to begin preparing your car for winter.

Make sure you’re preparing your car for winter before it’s too late!

December is here, which means treacherous winter weather could arrive at any time. If you routinely find yourself sliding off the road or getting stuck in the snow, here are a few steps you can take on preparing your car for winter.

  • Switch tires. Switch out your summer or all-weather tires for snow tires. These tires are specifically designed to cut through the snow to give you more traction on the road. If you do this, make sure you switch out all four of your tires.
  • Check the lights. Make sure all your interior and exterior lights are working properly. This will not only help you see better as the days get shorter, but it will help other drivers see you, too. Replace any burnt out bulbs.
  • Emergency kit. Keep a stash of winter weather necessities in your car. Things like a blanket, an old cell phone, high energy snacks, an empty cup (to melt snow for drinking), flares, etc.
  • De-icer. If you’ve ever tried to open your car door in the winter only to find it frozen shut, de-icer will save the day. However, don’t keep this in your car, put it in your purse, in your desk at work, and at home.
  • Tune up. Bring your car in for a winter tune up and we’ll make sure all your car is winter-ready.

Schedule a service appointment with us today at Lancaster Nissan for a winter checkup.


How to Change Your Oil

How to Change your Oil Graphic

It might be intimidating, but learning how to change your oil is a useful skill!


The pesky oil change makes its way to the top of any car owner’s to-do list at least once a year, but often two or three times a year. While some car owners prefer to take their vehicle in to a dealership or shop, others would prefer to change their vehicle’s oil themselves. Luckily, oil changes are easy for any do-it-yourself car owner to do, whether you hope to save money or just enjoy working on your car yourself.

Here is how it’s done:

Gather your supplies. Start by referencing your user’s manual to make sure you purchase the right type of oil and oil filter (pay particularly close attention to the oil viscosity). If you don’t have your manual, Mobil Oil offers a useful tool to help you find the correct oil and filter for your car. Your manual should also tell you how much oil is needed – be sure to get enough. You’ll also need a car jack, car jack stands, socket wrench, rubber gloves, old towel or blanket, an oil drain pan, a funnel, and paper towels.

Prepare the car. You’ll find that the oil will flow out easier when it’s warm, so allow the car to run for a few minutes before starting. Once you turn the car off, go ahead and raise your car up with the jack, and be sure to use the jack stands for safety.

Drain the oil. Find the oil drain plug on the underside of the car, and place the drain pan right below it to catch the old oil. Make sure to put on a pair of rubber gloves, and then use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug. Allow all of the old oil to drain out before wiping the underside of the car with a paper towel and replacing the drain cap.

Replace the oil filter. Next, remove the oil filter, and install the new one. Follow the directions in your car’s user manual, since there are a number of different types of filters and procedures.

Refill the oil. Remove the oil cap from the top side of your car, and place the funnel inside. Pour the new oil inside the oil compartment until you’ve reached the amount specified by your owner’s manual, and replace the cap. Let your car run for several minutes, and then check your dip stick to make sure the oil is at the level it should be.

Be sure to properly dispose of the old oil, and voila! You’ve changed your car’s oil.

If oil changes just aren’t your thing, make an appointment at Lancaster Nissan, and we’ll help you out!