Credit Card Skimmers & How to Spot Them at Gas Stations

Do you know how to spot credit card skimmers at gas stations?

Do you know how to spot credit card skimmers at gas stations?

Thieves are finding more ways than ever to steal credit card information. One of the most common methods targets gas station customers, specifically those paying at the pump with a credit card. Hard to spot, the method is nearly undetectable. Luckily we here at Lancaster Nissan can help you find a possible threat to your finances and avoid it.

Credit card skimmers have become increasingly popular over the years. Mainly used at gas stations, they’re hard to spot and the thief isn’t likely to be caught installing it. A small device, it can be installed in less than a minute.

Once installed, the credit card skimmer will collect customer’s credit card information if they pay at the pump. After a few days of collecting, the thief will return and remove the device as quickly as it was installed.

The most obvious sign that there may be a skimmer at the pump is a broken state inspector’s seal. If the seal looks like it was tampered with, report it to the attendant immediately.

To further protect yourself, try to use the innermost pumps, the ones in the attendant’s line of sight, as the outer pumps are common targets.

If you have more helpful advice, please let us at Lancaster Nissan of Lancaster, PA know!

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