Latest 2017 Nissan Leaf Stats Indicate a Possible 300-Mile Range

2017 Nissan Leaf Stats graphic


Ever since the Nissan Leaf was first introduced, this innovative little vehicle has completely changed the game for electric vehicles. And now, new stats for the 2016 Leaf indicate that trend of industry-topping performance will continue.


The 2017 Nissan Leaf reportedly could be able to travel for up to 300 miles between charges, thanks to a much larger battery. This makes the Leaf the highest performing mass-produced electric car on the market.


While Nissan hasn’t confirmed the official numbers yet, it appears that they are well on their way to wrapping up production on the new Leaf, which could hit dealerships in early 2017. Hopefully they’ll release more data soon.


A 300-mile range would really set the bar high for other automakers, which is the kind of excellence we expect to see from Nissan.


If you’re interested in checking out the 2017 Leaf, or any current Nissan models, visit us anytime at Lancaster Nissan. What do you think of these 2017 Nissan Leaf stats? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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